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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is anyone missing some dead skin? Oh, it's right here - on this blazer.

I have always thought that designing a blazer would be so ... boring ... All blazers are basically created equally dull.

Except this one.

I am NOT endorsing this. Hells NO. Rather, I am using it as an example of a non-dull blazer, perhaps the brainchild of some notably bored blazer designer who rubbed his hands together in wicked glee and thought, "I will place layers of synthetic dead skin on this scrap of cloth and call it fashion! Offices everywhere will fall victim to a style revolution - a fashion apocalypse, if you will! - when this blazer is presented in our summer '10 line!"

So you can imagine my pallid SHOCK when I clicked on the image, out of sheer curiosity, and found this nice little note from J.Crew: "This item has been very popular and has sold out. Call one of our personal shoppers - they'll work their magic to try and find it for you or add you to a wait list should it come back in stock."


You know what I think? J.Crew bought them all back just to make it look like this odd excuse for fashion actually flew.