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Monday, July 5, 2010


Right, so I am guessing that none of you have heard of Kombucha Wonder Drink, because even some of us who live in a health food bubble of oblivion to the rest of the junk food world haven't heard of it.

But I have.

And I love it (Essence of Lemon is my favorite). When I first tried it several years ago, I positively blanched at the slightly fermented taste of tea, which is just weird to virgin Kombucha taste buds. But it's so good.

I also enjoy the (way too often to actually admit to), ahem, occasional alcoholic drink, so Kombucha is like an excuse to drink something slightly fermented while at work! Or before noon!

Oh my god, did I just say that.

I did just say that. Well, I am sorry, but there's nothing wrong with being slightly alcoholic. Oh my god, did I just say that again? Sorry, I'll stop.

No, I really am a healthy person. I mean, I'm obsessed with organic food and I'm also an obsessive runner. Well, I used to be. Until a week ago when I was told to stay off my stress-fractured cracked bones for 3 weeks and drink lots of milk to repair them. To which I immediately thought, I will not complain about drinking White Russians all day, every day, for the sake of my bones!

Because White Russians are mostly milk, for those of you slightly less obsessed with alcohol than I. Ok, well they're milk spiked with vodka and Kahlua but who's checking, right?

I'll stop. Really. I'm setting a terrible example.

Ok but just for the record, I made my White Russian just now with almond milk instead of cow's milk. Which is just weird.